Naglee Park Pottery


The Naglee Park Pottery started in 2015 with an

idea for making functional ware out of slipcast

porcelain.  After experimenting with molds, we

perfected the 3 1/2" and 6" bowls, and went on

to slip cast leaf plates and mugs.


We began hand building mugs and other ware

in 2016, then went on to create pieces using the

potter's wheel in 2018. 


Our main focus, in terms of social media, is on, where we stream our pottery making

as ShannahQuilts.  We stream as time permits,

so we recommend that if you follow us, you set

your preferences to be notified when we go live.


Due to our limited production capabilities, we   are  unable to take commissions.  If you want a   custom piece, we suggest Pawley Studios at  They are also on,   as playinthemud.